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by on June 29, 2020
    If you have seen the anime version of Nightmare,you must know something about the movie version of Alita:The Battle Angle.     Alita:The Battle Angle was released as scheduled in February this year and has attracted a lot of fans.In the steel city, the famous reformer Ed discovered the remains of a semi-mechanical girl in a garbage dump. He transformed it into a girl with a mechanical body. Ed named the girl who was born again. Alita lost her past memories, just like a newborn is full of curiosity about the world. She met the street boy Hugo, and they had a good relationship. Innocently, Alita found that she had amazing fighting power, and in the process of strangling, she slowly recovered her memory and began to think of her mission.     Whether you’re interested in the role playing costume or you know the role,your ultimate goal is to get a great experience,but to do that,you need to have faith in the character you choose,to be one with him.Each person pursues a different personality.If you are interested in a character that does not yield to fate and is brave and tenacious,the you can try Alita.She may bring you a different experience.     Why is Alita’s cosplay costume a good choice?     First,this dress is more comfortable , convenience and low-key than any other role-playing costume,and you will never be able to attract the attention of others in the street.It does not affect your daily life.     Second,the limelight that has just been released will attract many cosplayers to play.You can make this limelight a lot of fun.     Fortunately, many online stores are now being upgraded very quickly. You have enough time and capital to slowly pick the cosplay costme you are satisfied with.     Next we will analyze the character costume of Alita for you.     Alita's clothing is very simple, not too much decoration, it is an ordinary tight-fitting jumpsuit, but there are many small and careful designs.It is made of purple and white with a large color of Roman cloth, the material is skin-friendly, it is not easy to cause skin sensitivity, and the bottom with a tights can also prevent light and achieve slimming effect. The outside is a black stretch spandex vest, and the leather fabric always looks cool.If you like, you can also make it yourself, cut it with leather material, pay attention to the waist, and the collar is a half-high collar, which can save money and experience your own pleasure.      Finally, the same material leather pants, this is easier to get than the previous two items, you can see in many stores, whether it is street shops, or online shops, this used to be a hot item Even if you don't use it to cosplay, you can wear it alone, and it is also a good fashion item.But what you need to pay attention to is the choice of his material.It is best to choose leather pants with softer cortex, which will greatly facilitate your action cosplay costumes ideas is not easy to deform. As a fighting angel, how can Alita not have her own weapons? The Damascus knife is a weapon that Alita has snatched, custom cosplay costumes you can find similar substitutes in other stores.
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