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Saturday, February 8, 2020 2:01 am - 5:01 am
Pingxi, Taiwan– Republic of China

Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival.

The Taiwan Sky Lantern Festival in Pingxi district is a bucket list and once-in-a-lifetime experience in Taiwan. It is one of the Happiest, brightest and most heartwarming events in Taiwanese culture. Always magical to watch, and ranked, according to some online records, as one of the top 20 festivals in the world.

Historically, it is documented that the tradition grew secondary to the incessant activities of bandits around mid-19th century. At the time in history, Taiwanese uses Sky Lantern as signals to alert the villagers that they were safe and sound and their houses were safe as well. It also communicates to the villagers hiding in the hills that it is time to go home. Nowadays, thing have changed.  Taiwanese does not use it as "bandit signal" anymore, but as an "emissary" carrying their hopes and wishes for new year to meet their Ancestors in the sky.

Apart from sending messages to the sky or Ancestors, this popular tradition, now, marks the end of  Chinese New Year. And by releasing the Sky Lantern at the Festival, it is generally believes that  the outdated years has been shed, and better future has been embraced.


Date: February 8, 2020

Venue: Pingxi, Taiwan– Republic of China


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