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Monday, April 27, 2020 4:04 am - 7:04 am
Amsterdam – Netherlands

King`s day festival[Amsterdam]

King's Birthday, previously known as Queen Day, is a public holiday and day off for the general public in Netherlands. It is a special day for landmark celebrations in the country.  

Historically, monarch’s birthday has been  celebrated in the Netherlands for many years. After the death of princess Wilhelmina`s father in 1890, she was crowned the Queen. Her daughter, Queen Juliana, was also crowned the Queen in 1948. Post coronation, in 1949, Queen's Day celebrations begins, every April 30, to honor her birthday[Queen Juliana]. Queen Juliana’s daughter, Beatrix, afterward, also became queen on April 30, 1980. Her birthday is January 31. But left April 30 as Queen's Day because it coincides her own coronation day and her mother’s birthday.

In 2013,  things changed. It was announced that, as of 2014, Queen’s Day would become King’s Day and it will be celebrated on April 27, the birthday of Willem Alexander, rather than the previous April 30.

Since this proclamation, April 27 continues to hosts the landmark celebration which is  characterized by: mass celebrations, street vendors, Tents, unique flea markets, fast food stands, band-performances, fireworks, street theaters, street parades amongst many others since then.


When: 27 April 2020

Venue: Amsterdam – Netherlands

This Events is free. But kindly call the organizer[s] for further information before visiting.  Supperlite/Kultureline will not be responsible for any changes in location, time etc.


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