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SAMOA CULTURAL FIRE KNIFE DANCE: {Do not practice at home}

Some fire dance are performed with knife, sticks or other tangible objects, But all in the principle is almost the same, if not completely the same.
Generally, fire dance is common to many regions of the World, it is significant in a special way to the indigenous tribes of Samoa in Pacific. It is not only their traditional observance but ways of exhibiting cultural strength, entertain dignities, appeasing gods and ability to show-case their spiritual and traditional evolvement/cultural experiences.
Most of the "entertainment fire dance" are performed at major hotels in the region especially at the glamorous Aggie Grey's in Apia. The performances are usually carried out by professionals: males and females. They always adorned with traditional costumes, mat dresses, flower garlands etc.

It is usually performed to the upbeat of : rhythmic of drums, hand clapping and singing. The performers can come individually or in troupe as many as ten dancer rows. The dance recalls stories from the past, from farewells to loved ones, to great fishing expeditions and war campaigns. The spectacular fire dance is performed by skillfully displaying fire sticks in a rotational manner by both men and boys, some as young as six years. sometimes women/Girls are also involved.
After the dance, most resorts and beach usually put up traditional feasts. These vary from one place to another but the traditional one consists of fish, pork and several root crops like: taro, yams, sweet potato etc, They are usually cooked in underground oven called “umu”, Most of the time, they are flavored with coconut cream, raw fish, tropica fruits, lobster etc.

Fire dancing can be dangerous, is better left for the professionals. Apart from entertainment fire dance, some school of thought believe it is performed at places like shrines to appease Gods, invoke "spiritual elevation" or as part of worship traditions.

Which-ever the fire dance is performed, as said earlier, it better left for the those who can successfully handle it. It can result in Burns.
FURTHER READING: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fire_dancingndigenes
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